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Helpful Information for Parents, Patients, Partners, and Providers

Helpful Information for Parents, Patients, Partners, and Providers

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Vaccine Advocacy Groups and Websites

There are many groups dedicated to promoting vaccines for the greater good. Here’s a list of these organizations, and what they focus on. I’ve broken them out into two separate groups. Those that advocate for all vaccines with their messaging, and those that are focused on specific vaccines:

Advocacy Groups for All Vaccines

Immunization Alliance comprises more than 25 national organizations dedicated to protecting communities from vaccine-preventable diseases (see the list by clicking on the link). They were brought together by the American Academy of Pediatrics. A cornerstone of its work is to identify and meet the needs of parents as t​hey seek child health recommendations based on credible scientific evidence.

Immunization Action Coalition is supported by a large group of pro-vaccine medical groups. Click on the link to see their partner organizations.

Boost Oregon is a parent-led community that educates Oregonians about the safety and benefits of childhood vaccinations.

The Vaccine Mom is a blog of molecular biologist and mother of two Taryn Chapman. Features a shop where you can buy all sorts of pro-vaccine shirts and other items.

Immunization Action Coalition is the nation’s premier source of childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization information for healthcare professionals

Shots Heard Round the World is a is a rapid-response digital cavalry dedicated to protecting the social media pages of health care providers & practices.

Voices for Vaccines is a parent-driven organization supported by scientists, doctors, and public health officials that provides parents clear, science-based information about vaccines and vaccine-preventable disease, as well as an opportunity to join the national discussion about the importance of on-time vaccination.

Stronger is a campaign that fights against misinformation and for vaccines.

Immunity Community WA provides information, tools, and resources for parents and providers to protect our community from diseases vaccines prevent.

#VaccinesWorkBlog by Kathy Hennessy. Her goal is to educate people about the risks and benefits of vaccines, according to international scientific consensus. Recurrent rotavirus infections of her baby motivated her to become a vaccine advocate.

Vaccinate Washington is a community advocacy group working to improve public health in Washington by raising vaccination rates.

Advocacy Groups for Specific Vaccines

Cervivor is a community of cervical cancer survivors, a learning tool, an advocacy resource, and an online retreat for healing, connecting and thriving.

Six step Screening is focused on screening people for oral cancer, some of which will be caused by HPV.

National HPV Vaccination Roundtable promotes HPV vaccination, and has a great collection of resources in their resource library.

Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC) focuses, as the name implies, on saving lives from cervical cancer, one woman at a time, one day at a time.
HPV Vaccine Safety was created by Dan Kegel to share data on the safety of the HPV vaccine, and to advocate for it’s use. This is part of his HPV-related cancer prevention and treatment website.

The Eve Appeal fights against gynecological cancers in women, including the ones caused by HPV

National Cervical Cancer Coalition provides resources and support for women with cervical cancer

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's leading cervical cancer charity. We campaign for change, provide support and trustworthy information at every step

Foundation for Women’s Cancer focuses on providing support for women with gynecological cancers, including those caused by HPV.

The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation is dedicated to empowering anal cancer patients and accelerating prevention and treatment methods that eliminate anal cancer and the virus that causes the majority of cases, HPV.

The HPV Support Network is a site for individuals to share in the conversation regarding life with HPV, concerns about HPV diagnosis and treatment, and to receive support and feedback from others

Team Maureen’s mission is to end cervical cancer by educating about the HPV cancer connection and the importance of prevention and early detection.

The Kimberly Coffey Foundation works to educate the public and healthcare professionals about bacterial meningitis (meningococcal disease) and the importance of full immunization with two different types of meningococcal vaccines - MenACWY and MenB.

The Road to a Vaccine videos were produced by J&J, and explain the process the company is using to create a COVID-19 vaccine.

The VeryWell Health website features a page with a number of FAQ about HPV and the HPV vaccine.

Vaccination Resources in WA State

Where I live, in Seattle, we have an “immunity community” that works to advocate for all vaccines, not just the HPV vaccine. The group, Vax Northwest, is a partnership of six organizations: BestStart Washington, the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kaiser Permanente, Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Washington State Department of Health, and WithinReach (which both supports and staffs the partnership). Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Adults need vaccinations too, as explained on this resource page from the WA State Department of Health.
They also offer the following e-courses:
Vaccine Training for Medical Assistants
There Never Was An Age of Reason - Vaccine Hesitancy
You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention
King County HPV Promotion Project